Plumbing Supplies in Waterford, CA

Paint supplies

In addition to general tools and supplies, Reid Hardware & Small Engine Repair also carries a great selection of specialty products, fit for all types of work. Whether you’re tackling a plumbing project, doing some electrical or putting up a new coat of paint, we’ve got you covered.

Plumbing Supplies

As a local leader for plumbing supply in Waterford, CA, we work hard to keep the items you’re looking for in-stock, on the shelves. From simple washers and gaskets, to piping, insulation, fittings and more, everything you need for your next plumbing project is right here. We even have the tools necessary to facilitate a job well done. Questions? Just ask! We’re knowledgeable in everything we stock.

Electrical Supplies

From switches and wires, to fixtures and conduit, to junction boxes and just about anything else you might require, we’re your destination for electrical supply in Waterford, CA. We aim to provide you with the essentials, so you can do the job right, up to codes and standards. From a simple remodel to a major electrical undertaking, we’ll make sure you get the right supplies at the right price.

Paint Supplies

Come on in and stock up on rollers, brushes, trays, drop cloths and, of course, paint! Whether you’re painting your home’s interior, putting the finish touches on the trim or just need a can for touch-ups, we’ll make sure you walk out with all of the necessary paint supplies in Waterford, CA. We can even help you pick out the right color and finish, so you get the results you expect from your paint job.

We even have the cleaning products you need to get everything in order after the job is done! Stop in today for everything on your supply list or give us a call at 209-874-9857 to see if we have a particular item you might be looking for.